Contrasts between MediaTek Helion Processors and Qualcomm Snapdragon

Contrasts between MediaTek Helion Processors and Qualcomm Snapdragon

Contrasts between MediaTek Helion Processors and Qualcomm Snapdragon

On the off chance that you are one individual who utilizes a cell phone or has been a peruser of Tanzania Tech then you probably heard us ramble about Mediatek and Snapdragon processors. Presently because of different web-based banters about these two processors today I chose to present to you a short article showing the distinctions between Mediatek and Snapdragon processors.

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Through this article, I won't meticulously describe the situation and begin discussing the historical backdrop of these two organizations yet I will utilize this chance to let you know the significant things that I think can have you see the effect between the two processors. So moving right along we should proceed to check these distinctions out.


First of all, we should discuss the different assembling cycles of Mediatek Helio and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. In such a manner, the two organizations don't make their own processors however the two organizations make processor styles including directing different examinations, and later the processors are made by an organization called ARM Holdings.

The primary distinction in the assembling system of these Processors is the GPU side, Mediatek utilizes the Property GPUs which are likewise produced by ARM Holdings, however on account of Snapdragon, they utilize the Adreno GPUs which are made by Qualcomm itself.

In this way, you will actually want to see the distinction in the assembling of Mediatek Helio and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are that Snapdragon GPUs are made by Qualcomm themselves while Mediatek GPUs are fabricated by ARM, and to that end, these GPUs are in many cases called ARM Properties (GPUs).

GPU capabilities

Because Qualcomm makes its own GPUs, Qualcomm's Adreno GPUs frequently have preferred capacities over the Mali GPUs utilized in Mediatek processors. This should be visible on certain telephones, particularly for those Game sweethearts who might be more mindful of this, frequently telephones with Mali GPUs have issues getting exceptionally hot dissimilar to Adreno GPUs particularly when you are playing high-limit games.

In any case, and still, at the end of the day Mali GPUs have a higher speed capacity than Adreno GPUs which is the reason Malian telephones with GPUs frequently get hot because of utilizing a lot of charges to run the GPU itself while playing the game, contrasted with Adreno GPUs from Qualcomm Snapdragon that utilizes a limited quantity of charge to run its GPUs.

CPU capacity

In terms of CPU capabilities so far I know you know that all companies do not develop their own processors except Adreno's GPUs are manufactured by Qualcomm itself.

But Qualcomm itself, after receiving its processors from ARM Holdings, is making changes to the CPU and adding more capabilities to its high-end processors such as the Kryo CPU which are similar to the same CPUs but have been further enhanced by Qualcomm.

Mediatek itself takes those processors and uses them as it is so you will see that the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors can work better on the CPU side, unlike the Mediatek processors that are used as they are from ARM Holdings.


Now with the Qualcomm company slightly changing its processors, this has led to Qualcomm Snapdragon processors being more expensive than Mediatek processors and you can see this on most phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Phones with these processors are often more expensive than Mediatek processors, this is due to the extra costs that Qualcomm incurs to manufacture those Snapdragon processors, especially on the CPU side.

Uses or Exercise

Now that we've talked about that let's talk a little bit about usage, Mediatek processor phones are often too late to get new versions of operating systems different from phones with Snapdragon processors.

This is due to the whole system used by Mediatek not being open source systems so it is difficult for software developers to get the opportunity to quickly design operating systems for phones with those processors. But in the case of Snapdragon, there are no problems with phones with those processors delaying getting new versions of the operating system.


Also because of the reasons I have read before, MediaTek processor phones often use more charge than processor phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Also on the GPU side as I mentioned earlier phones with Mediatek processors use GPUs with higher Speeds ​​so the maximum speed must be the same as the battery capacity. "More speed more battery".


As you can find somehow Snapdragon processors are superior to Mediatek processors, however not that Mediatek processors are terrible, NO. The two processors can differ in limit on each kind of telephone so there is another telephone you might find that has a Snapdragon processor however it was outperformed by a Mediatek processor telephone.

Likewise on the GPU side, few out of every odd telephone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor then, at that point, consequently utilizes Adreno GPU however there is a huge number that utilization similar processors and utilize the ARM Mali GPU, Samsung is one of the models that accompany the Mali GPU because of its Exynos processors which likewise use ARM Mali GPUs.

That is all there is to it .. Folks that is the distinction between Mediatek Helio processors and Qualcomm Snapdragon, if there is any place you don't comprehend you can ask using the remark segment underneath,
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