Eat these 8 foods raw to improve your health


Eat these 8 foods raw to improve your health

Eat these 8 foods raw to improve your health

You probably already know that apple juice is twice as good as a piece of chocolate-filled chocolate. That's just normal understanding, and for some people who care about their health, such awareness makes them focus on healthy eating habits.

But also, some aim to take further steps in focusing on the best foundations for their health, for example, the best ways to prepare meals to ensure that they get the nutrients that are beneficial to their health.

For some foods, boiling, cooking, baking, roasting and other types of cooking add to the level of nutrients, and thus eating your body adds essential nutrients to stay healthy.

But also, there are some foods that if you cook reduce the number of nutrients it contains compared to if you ate those foods raw. Although some foods taste good when cooked, it is quite possible that by cooking them you have tasted but lost the essential nutrients for your health.

Take your time to read and follow this list of some of the foods found in our environment that eating raw have more health benefits than cooking;

Diabetes (Beetroot)

Diabetes mellitus can be a high-sugar vegetable, but its benefits in nutrients are even greater.

Diabetes is high in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, manganese, and vitamin B folate which have many health benefits that can boost your immune system, improve stamina, counteract irritation, lower blood pressure, and even prevent cancer.

If you are diabetic, then you lose about 25% folate (a part of a healthy brain that helps reduce the risk of birth defects during fetal growth).

But also, it can take you a while to get used to the sugar intake in the green, so if you decide to eat it, then mix it even with pickles with carrots, apples, ginger, and lemon.


Brocolli is a type of vegetable that by its very nature should be one of the most sought-after items in your home. With a high level of health benefits, this vegetable not only contains high levels of vitamin C but also contains calcium, potassium, and protein.

Similarly, broccoli has been found to contain a compound called sulforaphane which helps fight cancer cells, lowers blood pressure, improves heart health, and also contains minerals that help fight age and boost the body's immune system.

According to a study by Agricultural and Food Chemistry, people who eat raw broccoli get higher levels of sulfur minerals faster than people who will eat it cooked.

If you find it difficult to eat raw as it is, try using this technique to make raw broccoli soup to make things more palatable.

Onion Water

Believe it or not, the onion that you shed when you cut it is the same one that is very important to you to use in abundance for the betterment of your health. Contained a nutrient called allicin, which helps fight hunger, prevents cancer, improves cardiovascular health, and lowers blood pressure.

You can get more almonds if you eat raw onions, more than cooked ones. Also, eating raw onions will help you fight off the viruses that cause diseases such as coughs and colds.

Hot pepper

Orange fruit is the first type of food you can think of to get vitamin C, but also hot peppers (especially red peppers) should be present in your diet, in addition to oranges, lemons, mangoes, lemons, and so on. With more than three times the amount of vitamin C you need per day, red pepper is also known to have antioxidants and is a great source of vitamin B6, vitamin E, and magnesium.

It is possible to cook or bake hoho it is a normal and normal process to eat, but doing so causes a high level of vitamin C to leave. Eating raw even with mixing in your pickle has many health benefits.


Although they are high in calories compared to other foods, nuts are a great source of essential oils that will complement a healthy diet.

The level of fat in the nuts helps to reduce the level of bad fats, reduce the risk of blood clots, and shape good artery health. Similarly, raw nuts contain high levels of iron and magnesium.

When it comes to choosing nuts, you can use a variety of varieties such as peanuts, cashews, pecans and so on that are not cooked in oil or added to salt.


Coconut is important and has not been avoided in this list because of its many health benefits. There is a scientific argument that drinking plenty of coconut water is more likely to replenish lost water than even drinking normal water alone, and coconut meat contains good fats that improve the brain and heart.

Avoid manufactured coconut-flavored products such as chocolate, candy, and so on with high sugar content and low levels of nutrients and health benefits. Use raw coconut and its juice


Garlic is one of the foods that is rarely eaten raw. As with garlic, garlic contains alkaline supplements, which are available in large quantities if eaten raw.

Research has shown that raw garlic eaten at least two or more times a week helps prevent the risk of developing lung cancer. However, this does not stop you from enjoying the benefits of eating cooked garlic, although great benefits are also found in raw garlic.

Sharubati (Juice)

There are all kinds of manufactured syrups that you can buy quickly and easily from stores the manufacturers will persuade you to have many health benefits, but none that will outweigh the benefits of buying fresh fruit and making your own syrup at home.

Manufactured syrups go through a production process that often reduces their nutrients by adding chemicals to care, adding flavor, changing color, adding sweetness, and so on.

Making syrup from real fruits and vegetables helps to ensure that you get all the essential nutrients that are found in fruits and thus helps digestion, removes toxins from the body, increases body energy, and even helps to lose weight.

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