How To Buy Products Through AliExpress In Tanzania


How To Buy Products Through AliExpress In Tanzania

How To Buy Products Through AliExpress In Tanzania

If you are one of the readers of the Tanzania tech website then you are sure to remember the promise I made in the past to direct you to ways to help you shop online. We have already looked at how to make purchases through Amazon, and today let's look at how to make purchases through the AliExpress network.

Unlike the steps to make a purchase through Amazon, the steps to make a purchase through AliExpress are much easier and this is due to the existing trade cooperation between Tanzania and China so it has become easier to get your package easily without hassle. For starters maybe look at the essential requirements before you start shopping for goods through AliExpress.

Box of the Post

If you are looking to make regular purchases through the AliExpress network then I suggest you start asking about the cost of opening a Post Office, this is important as your luggage is going to be picked up at the post offices near you or at your place of residence.

It is very important to have a personal box as this will greatly help you to carry your luggage without interruption as you must have an ID then you will be able to get your luggage.

If you need to buy luggage right away you can use the mailbox of your closest person but make sure that person will be available to pick up your luggage when you arrive in Tanzania. If you want your personal box you can fill out a form through the post office for your personal box application, you can find that form here.

M Mastercard, Airtel Mastercard, or Bank Card

The next step is to be able to buy things online, it has now become much easier and you can buy a variety of items easily through your Vodacom Tanzania and Airtel Tanzania mobile networks.

You can choose which network is best for you, then directly sign up with the M-Pesa Mastercard or Airtel Mastercard service. All these services are completely free and you do not have to pay for them.

If you want to join the M-Pesa Mastercard service you can read here to learn step-by-step how to join and deposit into your account. If you are using Airtel you can type Airtel Menu then search Airtel Mastercard then follow the instructions.

AliExpress Apps or Website 

For ease of purchase, it is advisable to make purchases through your mobile phone, this will help you to see the various discount offers so if you are using Android or iOS then it is time to get the App directly to your phone.

You can choose either app in the play store or app store or you can enter directly through the relevant market or website.

Create an Account

After getting the app then go ahead and create an account, you can easily use your Google account to complete everything easily, then after that make sure you can Tanzania in the country you are in, and also make sure you put the Shipping Address on the page shipping Andress.

Make sure you fill in everything you have been asked for and also make sure you keep the current Andress with everything basic like house number, phone number, full name, post box, and zip code. After that, you will now be ready to purchase products through AliExpress.

If you have successfully explained everything as required then you will be able to see the commodity prices have changed and the appearance of Tanzania Shillings TZS prices. Also, make sure you have a look at the bottom of each item to see the cost of shipping various cargo to your destination.

You can see the section labeled Shipping below if it is written the method that will be used to deliver the goods including shipping costs as well as the price on TZS.

By then I know you will be able to purchase products via AliExpress, if there is a place where you will be stuck do not hesitate to write to us via the comments section below
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