Important Things to Know About Infinix Zero X Pro


Important Things to Know About Infinix Zero X Pro

Important Things to Know About Infinix Zero X Pro

Infinix recently launched the new Infinix Zero X Pro phone, this phone comes with some great features that we have already looked at here. But through this article, we are going to look more closely at the important things to look for in a phone and if there are reasons to buy this phone.

Excellent Structure

Starting with the design, this phone is designed with a design that is different from all Infinix Zero phones, the appearance of the Infinix Zero X Pro is Glass front and back, and the rear glass is made with a new design that is embellished that you will not see on most current phones.

On the corner, this phone comes with a plastic frame. This makes the entire Infinix Zero X pro phone weigh up to 193 g grams which is equivalent to 0.193 kg. The bottom line is that this phone looks great and has a very good feel when in hand.

The Best Glass

Currently, the Infinix Zero X Pro is one of the phones that comes with an AMOLED screen, this screen allows you to watch videos and photos in excellent colors and good looks. Quite different from mirrors made with IPS LCD technology.

The Infinix Zero X Pro Mirror comes with a size of 6.67 inches while being able to display over 16 Million colors this makes this phone very good for Media of any kind, if you are a fan of watching videos and playing games on the phone then mobile this you will love very much.

Good Camera

One of the main features of the Infinix Zero X Pro includes a camera, This phone generally comes with three rear cameras, with the main camera having 108 Megapixels and the other two with 8 Megapixels each.

The great thing about these cameras is their unique ability to photograph anything that is far away. This is shown by the fact that this phone can photograph the moon whose distance from the earth is approximately 238,855 miles according to NASA. Through the Infinix Zero X Pro camera, you will be able to see the moon quite close through your phone.

All of this is enabled by the new Moonshot technology as well as a new 60x periscope telephoto lens, which can take photos or videos and zoom up to 5x.

Best Internal Features

Infinix Zero X Pro is excellent not only in appearance but the internal features of this phone are also excellent. This phone comes with a powerful MediaTek Helio G95 chipset processor, this processor is ideal for those power users of the phone as well as doing a lot of work together including playing the game.

8 GB RAM can help you to do anything faster with this 3 GB Virtual RAM which together has the ability to open multiple apps together without the phone crashing.

In terms of internal storage (ROM) this phone is self-contained as 128 GB will help you store more than 18,800 JPG images with 7 MB each, and 256 GB will be able to store more than 37,600 JPG images with 7 MB each.

If that’s not enough, the Infinix Zero X Pro comes with a memory card component where you can insert a Memory card with a capacity of up to 512 GB.

Excellent Ability to Quickly Charge

In today's world of instant gratification, it is clear that you need a phone that is capable of charging quickly.

The Infinix Zero X Pro comes with Fast charging technology capable of making this 4500 mAh phone battery fully charged at about 40 percent in just 15 minutes.

This is especially helpful when you want to use your phone quickly without having to wait a long time for the phone to charge. With infinix Zero X Pro, you do not need to charge your phone overnight.


In a nutshell, these are the essential things you should look for on the Infinix Zero X Pro phone, remember there are so many things on the Android 11 system that you will love this phone.
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