Make Income Through YouTube Without Making Video


Make Income Through YouTube Without Making Video

Make Income Through YouTube Without Making Video

I know that too many people dream of making an income, especially using YouTube. The fact is that it is not an easy task at all as you have to be equipped and you have to be an expert at editing your videos, you also have to have assistants to be able to upload those videos via YouTube and the most basic thing are you have to have extra time extra on your life.

Now all of this is very easy for you if you plan to make YouTube a career, as it is an open fact that YouTube has the potential to change your life within two or three years if you do this job correctly.

For example, if you try to look at the Socialblade network, through a channel like Millard Ayo for estimates the Millard Ayo channel generates an estimated rate of up to Tsh 11 Million or more.

That income is enough to run your life every day and be able to buy some of the equipment you need to be able to make Youtube continue to make more income. But what if you want to make an income and you can't make a video ..?.

Today we are going to learn a very simple way to start earning income on YouTube without making a video .. in fact, you can do these steps using just a mobile phone.

Now I know that YouTube has changed the terms and conditions for access to ads on your channel, but by using this method if you correctly follow these steps then I guarantee you that within a month or two you will be able to start making income through YouTube. Now without wasting time let's go and learn this step.

To get started you need to have a YouTube channel if you still don't have one you can visit here to create a channel, remember you need to have a Google Account before doing so. If you already have a YouTube account make sure you set up your channel properly by posting a channel profile picture along with a Cover photo, it is also important to post in the about section about your channel.

Now that you've done all these things it's time to upload the video, go to YouTube and go to the search section then search for a video that matches the topic you intended for your channel, for example, if you want to create a story channel you can search for the word " stories " sound ” now after searching and after the video appears to go to the Filter section on your phone this section is located at the top right.

After clicking there you will see some menus appear, look at the very end you will see there are words circled, select the section labeled Creative Common, and end by clicking Apply.

After clicking on it you will now be able to see the various videos that have appeared, now those videos that have been copyrighted do not have to be copied to your channel without getting any problems from YouTube. You can get the videos and upload them to your channel without any problem and without youtube closing your account and you will also be able to upload ads without any problem.

Now all you have to do is search for a video with multiple Views after following the steps above. Get the video then create a nice piece of information different from the headline you found in the video then upload the video to your channel.

You are currently not allowed to upload photos because your channel is new, keep uploading videos using this method daily and you will be allowed to upload photos to your videos in a few days.

Make sure you follow these steps without missing a beat if you get a video that has a copyright to youtube they will be able to delete your account or freeze your channel for temporary use of YouTube services.

This method guys I have trained a lot of people and it works 100%.

Note Get videos in MP4 format also make sure you get good-looking videos. You can use a variety of getting programs that are available online. You can search the Free Youtube Videos and you will find various software links to get videos.

If you are using a computer you can use the IDM software, also the Filter section on the computer is located at the top left after searching for the video. That's it guys you can use this method every day try to post at least one video and you will come to tell me the results.
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