Understand the effects of eating too much sugar

Understand the effects of eating too much sugar

Understand the effects of eating too much sugar

Most of us have heard the advice to eat less sugar - advice that is healthy. But despite the various warnings given by health professionals about the harmful effects of high sugar intake, the vast majority of people still prefer to consume large quantities of sugar in various ways.

Consumption of sugar should not only be white (brown) or brown sugar but also natural sugar found in fruits, milk, honey, soft drinks, alcohol, some cereals, etc. These are all types of sugars that vary in benefits. and side effects.

As the world's sugar industry grows, the problem of obesity in humans also continues to grow. Sugar is largely responsible for the problem of obesity. For obese people, eating just one teaspoon of sugar a day contributes to the problem. Diabetes is preventable, not only for obese people but also for other people who care about their health

Sugar can affect the growth of hormones in the body (something that is important for keeping a person healthy at all times).

Sugar is the food for cancer in the body 

Sugar increases cholesterol. 

Sugar can cause dizziness and weight loss in children 

Sugar can weaken the eyesight 

Sugar can prevent the movement of protein in the body 

Sugar can cause food allergies - Sugar contributes to diabetes 

Sugar can cause heart disease 

Sugar can damage the body's genetic makeup (DNA) 

Sugar can cause nausea, vomiting, and lack of attention in children 

Sugar can contribute to lowering the body's immune system against infectious diseases.

Those are just a few of the 146 factors. Knowing all the proven reasons for the harmful effects of sugar, what is the reason for continuing to use sugar? 

The only good thing about sugar is that it tastes sweet and when we eat it, we feel comfortable. This is where making a personal examination of the heart may help.

Naturally, man has six distinct flavors, including bitterness, sweetness, severity, and firmness. So completely stopping the consumption of sweet flavors can lead to other biological effects and that is why many people fail to refrain from using sugar, especially children who do it seems impossible to stop licking sugar.

However, there is good news you can use sugar substitutes and get a sweet taste in your drinks or foods without any side effects. One of the most popular alternatives to sugar from time immemorial is honey, which you can use in a variety of beverages without any side effects.

However, some experts say that because honey also contains 'fructose', it may be harmful as well, although, in some religious literature, some scientists have described honey as harmless in the body despite its sweetness.

Some scientists have suggested that the alternatives to sugar are 'Stevia' and 'Xylitol', which are derived from plants and leaves but have a sweeter taste than even sugar. 'Stevia' and 'Xylitol' are widely used in European countries, Japan, and Latin America, for us Africa is less well known and I don't think they exist.

The important thing is to know that we love sugar, but it is not as good food as we can imagine, so we should try to avoid it as much as we can by using substitutes like honey, when we are completely unable to avoid it, then use it sparingly.

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